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4. Photoshop & Lightroom Image Retouch.

Retouch image  14      Retouch image  13      Black and White Image to Make Color Image 2

Product image8      Jewelry Image Retouch 37      Make a Family picture from separate pictures.

Child image Manipulation      Bag image Manipulation 1      Locker Edit and Retouch 1

Locker Edit and Retouch 5      Locker Edit and Retouch 8      Locker Edit and Retouch 7

Product image 25      Product image 26      Product merge image 35

Cap Manipulation 2      Product image 23      Color change and Image Manipulation 4

Product image 30                             Furniture Image Retouch and Manipulation50

Furniture Image Retouch and Manipulation45                             Furniture Image Retouch and Manipulation51